My 7 Best Psychological Anime: Must-Watch Mind Games Are Here!

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Welcome, anime enthusiasts! Sayaka from Japan here.

When we think of psychological anime, titles like Death Note, Steins;Gate, and Kaguya-sama: Love is War often come to mind. And of course, we can’t forget about the thrilling world of Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor. I love these anime too!

But did you know that there are more hidden gems in the realm of psychological anime? Today, I’m here to introduce you to some lesser-known masterpieces that delve into intense psychological battles and explore the depths of the human mind. It’s highly likely that you haven’t seen all of them yet!


“PSYCHO-PASS” takes us into a futuristic Japan where the concept of “Psycho-Pass” has a different meaning. It refers to the numerical measurement of people’s mental states.

In this society, crimes are judged based on these values, and traditional police have been replaced by a surveillance system. Join the suspenseful journey as we delve into a world of thrilling action and intense deduction battles that challenge the system.


In the captivating anime film “Paprika,” a revolutionary technology allows people to share their dreams.

Amidst a series of disturbing events where individuals are subjected to traumatic nightmares, a determined female doctor takes on the role of Paprika, a dream detective seeking to uncover the mastermind behind the chaos.

With its seamless blend of reality and dreams, “Paprika” immerses viewers in a mesmerizing world where the boundaries of the imagination are blurred. Accompanied by the enchanting music of Susumu Hirasawa, this surreal journey leaves us in awe, inviting us to explore the depths of the human mind and the power of dreams.


“ID: INVADED” follows a protagonist who works for a crime investigation organization utilizing a unique system. They enter a profound psychological realm constructed from human murderous intent to unravel mysteries.

It’s fascinating how only those with a history of murder can access this domain, and the series skillfully incorporates these constraints.

While the initial world may appear complex, don’t lose hope! As the story progresses, it becomes increasingly gripping and enthralling.

With the talented voice actor Kenjiro Tsuda lending his voice to the main character, this psychological anime is a must-watch for fans seeking a captivating experience. For your information, Mr. Tsuda performs Kento Nanami in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Perfect Blue

Let’s explore the captivating world of “Perfect Blue”! This anime film, directed by Satoshi Kon, delves into the dark and twisted journey of a former idol turned actress as she spirals into madness.

With its blend of seductive and brutal scenes, the movie carries an R-rating, offering a thrilling and intense experience. The seamless integration of reality and fantasy creates a mind-bending narrative that keeps you at the edge of your seat.

What sets “Perfect Blue” apart is its ability to utilize animation to deliver a visually stunning and thought-provoking story.

Odd Taxi

“Odd Taxi.” This anime revolves around a seemingly ordinary taxi driver whose encounters with a diverse range of passengers gradually unravel a complex and engaging puzzle. Each episode weaves together a tapestry of interconnected stories, leading to the revelation of a mysterious event.

With its clever storytelling and well-developed characters, “Odd Taxi” is a must-watch for anime enthusiasts who appreciate suspense and depth.

Joker Game

“Joker Game is a captivating anime set in Japan during the Showa era, delving into the covert activities of the D Agency, a spy organization within the Imperial Japanese Army.

Through an anthology-style narrative, the series shines a spotlight on the agency’s eight unique characters, each with their own skills and backgrounds. With its self-contained episodes, Joker Game offers an accessible and intriguing viewing experience.

What I particularly admire is the attention to detail in recreating the nostalgic and retro ambiance of old Japan.”


“Alright, let me tell you about the incredible anime called Monster. It’s a well-known gem, but there may still be some folks out there who haven’t discovered it yet.

The story follows Tenma, a brilliant Japanese doctor working in Germany, who saves the life of a critically ill child. Little did he know, the child he saved is a remorseless ‘monster’ who goes on to commit heinous crimes.

As strange murders begin to unfold around Tenma, burdened by guilt, he embarks on a journey to stop the mastermind behind it all, Johann. But Johann is not your ordinary killer – he possesses an enigmatic charm, unparalleled intelligence, and a complete absence of conscience.

With its 74 gripping episodes, Monster will captivate you with its intricate characters and intense intellectual battles. Trust me, this masterpiece will keep you on the edge of your seat!