My Best 8 Anime Characters That Start with V: From Valor to Victory!

my best anime characters that start with v Start with A to Z

Greetings from Japan! It’s Sayaka. Today, we’re embarking on a unique exploration of anime characters. What’s special about them?

They all have names that begin with “V”. This might sound unusual, as “V” sounds don’t exist in Japanese. Yet, it leads to an array of intriguing personalities, often with foreign or fictional origins. Let’s dive in!

Valmet – Jormungand: A Formidable Soldier

Meet Valmet, a remarkable member of Koko’s private military unit in Jormungand. With her background in the Finnish Defense Forces’ Rapid Deployment Force, she’s a master of knife combat, making her an unforgettable part of our lineup.

Van Hohenheim – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: A Father’s Tale

Next up is Van Hohenheim from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Father to Ed and Al, his complex narrative and enduring love for his wife make him a character worth discussing.

Vash The Stampede – Trigun: A Legend

We then have Vash the Stampede, the protagonist of Trigun. Despite Trigun being an older anime, Vash’s easygoing nature and commitment to non-violence have etched him into the hearts of many fans.

Vasily Pavlichenko – Golden Kamuy: A Skilled Sniper

Golden Kamuy’s Vasily Pavlichenko stands out for his exceptional sniper skills. However, a tragic incident leaves him severely wounded and reliant on non-verbal communication, adding a layer of depth to his character.

Vegeta – Dragon Ball series

Vegeta from the iconic Dragon Ball series is next on our list. Known for his evolution from a stoic prince to a devoted father and powerful warrior, Vegeta’s journey continues to captivate viewers.

Villetta Nu – Code Geass: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Villetta Nu from Code Geass is another memorable character. As she navigates through memory loss and identity crises, Villetta showcases a complex array of attributes that captivate viewers.

Vinsmoke Sanji – One Piece: A Master of Culinary and Combat Arts

Vinsmoke Sanji from One Piece is a character known for his dual mastery of combat and culinary arts. His journey from an orphan to discovering his royal lineage is as captivating as his dishes!

Vivi Nefertari – One Piece: A Princess with a Heart

Our exploration concludes with Vivi Nefertari from One Piece. Her journey from an ordinary girl to a princess showcases the depth and complexity of anime storytelling.

In the diverse world of anime, these characters offer unique narratives and unforgettable journeys. Join me again as we continue our exploration of the anime world!