My Best 8 Anime Characters That Start with F: from Fierce to Flawless

my best anime characters that start with f Start with A to Z

Hello there! It’s Sayaka from Japan. Today, I’ve gathered a fantastic collection of anime characters whose names start with “F.”

Get ready to meet a mix of sexy and cute female characters and powerful male characters. While some of them come from older anime series, their appeal and charm are timeless.

How many of these characters do you know? Let’s dive into the world of anime and discover these fascinating F-named characters together!

Faris NyanNyan – Steins;Gate

Let’s talk about one of the fascinating characters from the anime Steins;Gate—Faris NyanNyan! She’s a memorable character with her own unique charm.

In the world of Steins;Gate, Faris goes by the name Rumiho Akiha in her everyday life. However, when she works at a maid café, she assumes the persona of Faris NyanNyan. It’s quite adorable, don’t you think?

Despite her wealthy background, Faris chooses to work at the café not for financial gain but simply because she enjoys it (maybe).

Although she may not have a central role in the main storyline, Faris’s character shines in her own route’s ending and various side stories.

You get to witness her delightful romance with Okabe, and it’s truly heartwarming to see their love story unfold. While Faris may appear playful and mischievous on the surface, I think she has a sincere and caring nature at her core.

Farnese – Berserk

Farnese, a character from the anime Berserk, is a noblewoman who joins Guts and his group on their journey. Initially, she displays disturbing behaviors such as harming animals and finding excitement in executions, portraying a dangerous side.

However, as Farnese accompanies Guts and the others, her character undergoes a remarkable transformation. She takes on the responsibility of caring for Casca and becomes a disciple to the younger Schierke, signaling a desire for a fresh start and a different life.

Farnese’s growth throughout the series is truly remarkable. She sheds her previous obsessive tendencies and emerges as a compassionate and resilient woman.

Among the characters in Berserk, Farnese’s development stands out!

Her relationships with Serpico, Guts, and Roderick add another layer of intrigue to her character. The dynamics between them keep us engaged and curious about the romantic aspects of Farnese’s journey.

Faust VIII – Shaman King

Faust VIII is not only a skilled doctor but also a formidable shaman. What sets him apart is his unwavering devotion to his beloved wife, Eliza. Every action he takes is driven by his deep love and commitment to her, which is truly heartwarming.

Although Faust may not showcase his combat abilities often, his loyalty and dedication to Eliza are truly commendable. His actions are a testament to the power of love and devotion.

It’s inspiring to see a character who prioritizes the happiness and well-being of his loved one above all else.

Speaking of Eliza, she adds an extra layer of beauty and charm to Faust’s story. Their relationship is a testament to the strength of their bond and the sacrifices they are willing to make for each other!

Feitan Portor – HUNTER x HUNTER

Feitan Portor! As a member of the infamous Phantom Troupe, Feitan doesn’t just fade into the background. During the exhilarating Chimera Ant arc, he unveils his true power, instantly winning me over with his incredible strength and undeniable coolness!

What sets Feitan apart is his unique way of speaking in the Japanese version of the anime. He often uses a broken language style, but when his anger reaches its peak, he switches to what seems to be his mother tongue. It’s a fascinating detail that adds depth and intrigue to his character!

Feitan’s personality is just as captivating. Though he can be a bit persistent, his small stature and sleek all-black attire might remind you of other iconic characters like Obanai Iguro from Demon Slayer or Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho. Characters with these traits always exude an irresistible sense of coolness that I can’t get enough of!

Flora – Claymore Windcutter Flora

Windcutter Flora from Claymore. Amidst the fierce and stoic warriors that populate the series, Flora’s gentle and ladylike demeanor truly stands out.

She exudes an air of grace and refinement, earning her the fitting moniker of “Windcutter.”

Claymore presents a harsh and unforgiving world, and Flora’s presence offers a refreshing contrast. While the series might not have delivered the desired conclusion for her, it’s important to embrace the allure of its dark and brutal atmosphere.

Fritz Joseph Bittenfeld – Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Now, our spotlight is on the formidable and charismatic Fritz Joseph Bittenfeld!

Bittenfeld leads the fearsome Schwarzesmarken fleet. Clad in black, he is a force to be reckoned with, specializing in relentless attacks and unmatched power.

But here’s the twist, my friend. Bittenfeld is more than just a brute force. In the anime adaptation, his character gains a touch of humanity, showcasing camaraderie and earning the respect and admiration of his loyal followers.

What’s fascinating is that Bittenfeld defied the author’s original plans. Despite being slated for an early demise, his tenacity and captivating presence allowed him to survive until the very end. Talk about a character who leaves a lasting impact!

Bittenfeld’s journey in Legend of the Galactic Heroes brings depth and excitement to this grand space opera. With unwavering determination and explosive personality, he adds intrigue and intrigue to the series.

Fudou – Fist of the North Star

Fudou, also known as “Mountain Fudou,” is an incredible character from Fist of the North Star. At first glance, he may seem like a fearsome giant, but there’s so much more to him than meets the eye.

Believe it or not, Fudou used to be known as the “Demon Fudou,” a ruthless killer. However, everything changed when he crossed paths with Yuria. This encounter awakened a new (or true) side of him, and he became a compassionate father figure to the orphans in need.

What’s truly remarkable about Fudou is his unwavering dedication to protecting those under his care. When faced with danger, he taps into his inner strength and fights with incredible ferocity. It’s a sight that leaves you in awe.

But what touches my heart the most is Fudou’s kindness and gentleness. In a world filled with brutality, he stands as a beacon of compassion and love. It’s a beautiful contrast that makes his character shine.

Fujiko Mine – Lupin the Third

Fujiko Mine, the enchanting and seductive femme fatale from Lupin the Third, deserves a spotlight in our anime discussions.

Known as “Fujiko-chan” among Japanese fans, she remains an alluring and timeless character, maintaining her status as the ultimate sexy symbol. Throughout the series, Fujiko’s allure has captivated viewers, solidifying her place as an icon of sexiness and charm.

Despite the countless anime characters that have come and gone, none have surpassed Fujiko-chan’s irresistible appeal. She possesses a certain magic, a charisma that keeps us under her spell!